National and Global Workplace and Employee
Screening Solutions

Global Axis Security administers an extensive variety of security and compliance solutions globally led by industry experts in the security, investigative, compliance, and workplace realms.

Our service lines were developed to assist clients navigate the complex world of security and compliance with laws and regulations. Our compliance solutions enhance safety and security in your workplace, while ensuring you are following federal, state, and local laws, as well as safety-sensitive and non-safety sensitive regulations. We handle the increasingly complex security and compliance laws and regulations, so you can focus on the growth and success of your company.

Today’s corporate leaders are being challenged to deliver significant results while staying in compliance with security and workplace solutions. Through strategic business engagement, integrated solutions, data intelligence, and continuous innovation, Global Axis Security delivers meaningful benefit by enhancing your employee experience, delivering cost efficiency, mitigating risk, and creating tangible value across your company.

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